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New police radar gun could catch texting drivers

Texting while driving is ridiculously dangerous, but police could be clamping down soon thanks to a new radar gun which detects texters at a distance.

A tech company in Virgina, US, has developed a new radar gun, similar to the one used to catch speeding drivers, which can apparently alert police to texting drivers as they tear down the road. The smart new gun can apparently detect the exact radio frequencies that are emitted when someone is using a mobile, even from within a car.

Texting drivers could be caught by a new police radar gun

The gun is so accurate that it can even figure out the difference between a user sending a text, making a call or surfing online, as the radio frequencies emiited are ever so slightly different.

ComSonics is the brains behind the new radar gun, a company already known for providing speed enforcement kit to the cops. Company rep Malcolm McIntyre revealed the texting radar gun at the second annual Virginia Distracted Driving Summit, remarking that it’s close to production once some final red tape hurdles are cleared.

The radar gun sounds like a great idea, but we do wonder how practical it really is – after all, could it be confused if a passenger in a vehicle is texting rather than the driver, and can it detect exactly which phone was the offender? Or can it only reliably be used when the driver is alone in the car? We’ve contacted ComSonics to get some more insight, and we’ll update if and when we get a response.



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