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Pong Clock available on iPhone, webOS and now Android

There’s something about Pong that inspires a primal geek love. A few years ago Sander Muller came up with the Pong Clock, an ingenious timepiece which used a game of Pong to display the time. Years later Adafruit Industries created a hackable clock platform called Monochron which also features a Pong Clock. But if you can’t get your hands on an original Sander Muller and hacking isn’t your thing then there is an alternative.

Pong-loving developers have created Pong Clocks for iPhone [download link], Palm’s webOS [download link] and now you can even get it on Android. Software architect Alexander Weber, aka Tinker, recently bought a Motorola Milestone and was looking for a simple project. “So what could be more obvious than writing a Pong Clock.” Weber’s Android app is called Pong Time and you can download it here.


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