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Poo Factory for iPad is a guide to your digestion

Normally, when we spot an app costing 59p and called something like ‘Poo Factory’, we run a mile. Hundreds of fart apps means we’re done with the App Store juvenalia, thanks. But thankfully, we checked this one out, and it’s… well, it’s not s**t.

Poo Factory is an iPad app filed in the Education section of the App Store, hinting that it’s not a silly novelty. Instead, it’s a game that – in the blurb’s words – “introduces you the whole process how the poo of human beings is produced”.

How? With cartoons and images that show the formation of your faeces, teaching you about the path from mouth to loo, taking in stomach and intestines along the way. The game’s Factory Mode lets you simulate the process, getting a score according to how healthy (or not) you are.

Meanwhile, the ‘poofile mode’ – we’re not making this up – involves recording the shape and colour of your virtual poos, while tapping into the OpenFeint community to rate them against the rest of the world.

Many people prefer not to think too much about their digestive process, but if you’re less squeamish, Poo Factory might be a valuable educational experience. Or at least, one that teaches you why seven pints of lager and a scarlet-coloured curry are a recipe for bottom disaster the next day…


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