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Popplet is marvellous fun, also handy ideas sharing tool

Brainstorming, idea showers, mind mapping, spider diagramming – whatever you crazy business kids are calling it these days, it always ends up as a scribbly mess on a scrap of paper you’ll inevitably lose. I’m not one to exaggerate, but I imagine this will one day cost you your job, your home and your family.

Popplet will therefore change your life. Intended as an app for sharing visual ideas, it allows you to create scrapbook-esque diagrams featuring images, text and drawings on your iPad. It’s super easy to use, as you’ll see from the video below (bear in mind this shows you the web version).

In the free version, Popplet Lite, you can only create and save one board at a time. But the full £2.99 version lets you can create unlimited Popplets, as well as naming them and sharing them straight from your iPad. The best you can do with the Lite version is take a screengrab and send it on.

There’s a web version of Popplet which offers greater functionality including embedding videos from YouTube and images from Flickr, as well as sharing and collaborating with other users. This is in Beta phase at the moment, and the Popplet team are hard at work integrating some kind of iPad/web Popplet sync. Watch this space for an update on that.

We’ve made some rather tenuous tea-based Popplets (here’s the web one, if you want to get involved), but there are some more useful examples from Popplet – like a scrapbook of things to do in New York City, and a rather marvellous Street Fighter flow chart. It’s so fun and easy to use, we can’t recommend it enough.  


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