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Porsche and Mini cars now have their own iOS video apps

You wait ages for an official car-focused video app to come along, then two screech round the corner at once. Spookily, both Porsche and BMW have launched iOS video apps on the same day, to show off their brands.

Porsche Pad Cinema is an iPad app, which promises to offer “direct access to a variety of videos about Porsche”. This being an official app, don’t expect to find any fun-poking satire or hair-raising amateur stunts, obviously.

You can filter and sort the videos and create a playlist of favourites, while also rating vids and sharing them with friends.

Meanwhile, MINI TV for iPhone focuses on BMW’s resurgent Mini brand, offering a mixture of viral videos, adverts, interviews with car designers, and track reports.

As with the Porsche app, there are social features – here, you can share videos on Facebook and Twitter. There’s also a favourites feature to keep tabs on the videos that you like best, while rating them.

In neither case will you forget that this is branding, designed to show off the cars at their best. If you want more hard-nosed reviews or commentary, you’ll naturally want to turn to a third-party app.

Even so, both the Porsche and Mini offerings are very well done, and will appeal to fans of the respective cars.


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