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Pose is a social photos service for iPhone fashionistas

Our preferred way to celebrate finding some cool new clothing is to run a lap of honour of Primark waving our pair of 99p Y-Fronts in the air like a football rattle. But iPhone-owning shoppers now have a less humiliating way to share their fashion finds.

It’s called Pose, and it’s a free app that went live this week. It gets you to take photos of items that you find, then enter the price and the store where you found it. You can even add extra snaps of yourself wearing the item.

The idea is that you can then share these items on Facebook and Twitter, with friends directed to a dedicated page on the Pose website, to give their feedback. Meanwhile, you can also use the app to see what items posted  by other users are proving popular.

Okay, nobody wants to see our underpants on their phone, but Pose could turn into a useful shopping aid for people who like to keep their finger on the fashion pulse. It’s part of a wider trend for innovative shopping apps – see also Go Try It On, which offers advice on clothes in real-time, as you try them on.


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