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Meet the tiniest Android phone, the super-cute Posh Micro X S240

Hands-on Posh Micro X S240 Review: We check out the dinkiest Android phone at MWC 2016, a 2.4-inch mobile that lives up to its Micro moniker.

Have you ever wondered, what’s the smallest Android phone you can buy? Well, they don’t come much dinkier than the Micro X S240 from Posh Mobile, which launched last year but was on display at MWC 2016. This cute little blower runs Android 4.4 (KitKat) and weighs just 52.7g. In fact, it feels like a Tamagotchi-style toy that should be clipped to a backpack or keychain rather than an actual phone, but the Micro X is fully functional and costs just $90 US.

That tiny 2.45-inch screen has a 240×432 pixel resolution and supports two-finger touch, if you can actually fit both of your fingers on the display. A dual-core Mediatek running at just 1GHz powers the phone, backed by 512MB of RAM, which is half the amount commonly found on entry-level mobiles. But despite this, the Micro X runs with a satisfying smoothness and apps load without a stutter or pause.

All of your standard Android features are present and correct, including the notifications bar complete with toggles and the rest. You get the full complement of Google apps and you can of course watch movies or even play games, although the 4GB of storage fills up rather fast.

A simple 2-megapixel camera is mounted on the back of the Micro X, which can shoot 720p video. And you get a 1-megapixel VGA snapper on the front for those blocky selfies when you hit the town.

Check out our hands-on Micro X review at MWC 2016:


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