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Sony promises solution to Sony Xperia Z sudden-death bug

Over the past week, a few unlucky owners have been sending in reports of their new Sony Xperia Z smartphones shutting down when on low power and then no longer charging or being able to switch back on. In some select cases a hard reset has temporarily fixed the issue,  but thankfully Sony have now confirmed that they are working towards a solution.

When pressed for comment following the initial reports Sony stated: “We are sorry that a small number of our customers are experiencing power issues with their Xperia Z. We would like to reassure all of our customers that this is affecting a very small number of devices. If you have experienced any issues, please contact your local customer support centre who will be able to advise you on some easy steps you may take to resolve the issue.

Xperia Z battery

It now appears that Sony has gone beyond simply recommending that Xperia Z owners contact customer support and according to XperiaBlog have acknowledged the problem and plan on rolling out a small update with the sole purpose of removing the sudden-death bug. In a follow-up post on Sony’s own forums a member of the support team has stated: “Unfortunately I don’t have any exact release date for when the new software will be released but I will get back to you as soon as I know.

Is this a satisfactory solution for those who’ve laid down the money for a high-end device, only to find that it becomes unusable? We’ll have to leave it up to the owners of those Xperia Zs affected to decide.


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