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Posterous for iPhone claims to be ‘the only sharing app you need’

Posterous is a service that’s been gathering steam among webby types for a while now, promising an easier and faster way to blog text, photos and videos. Now it’s launched an iPhone app, which promises to take the idea mobile.

It’s certainly simple: you create a Posterous blog, and then can post words, pics and vids in a matter of seconds, complete with subject tags and location data. It then gets posted on the web for friends, family and doubtless-rapturously-interested strangers to see.

However, that’s not the big appeal in our eyes. What’s great is that you can also set the Posterous app to auto-post all this stuff to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and more than 20 other sites – share once, post anywhere. And it plays nice with iOS multi-tasking, so your uploads can go in the background while you switch to another app.

It’s free, and on the company’s blog, Posterous is proclaiming it as “the only sharing app you need”. It’s far from the only app making such a claim – ShoZu has been doing this for years – but the simplicity and ease of use means Posterous could become a big hit.


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