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Power AMP Music Player Trial version for Android

Though we’re quite taken with the MixZing music player for Android, we think it might have some competition on its hands in the form of PowerAMP.

Currently available to download from the Market as a free trial, PowerAMP plays a wide range of audio file formats (including .ogg .flac and .ape) and comes with a graphic equalizer allowing you to get that tone you’re after.

Points for presentation have to be awarded here. The animations of the sliders in the equaliser are smooth and the controls are responsive.

You get a choice of colour schemes to play with in the trial version including a rather nice iPod white style theme (‘White Plastic’). See how we’ve paired our Nexus One up with some iPhone earbuds in the pic?

There’s also the option to add a lock screen widget as with MixZing. This should allow you to pause and skip tracks without having to unlock you phone but at the moment this doesn’t seem to work too well.

With the PowerAMP lock screen widget enabled, you still have to go through the unlock process on your phone in order to get to it, as opposed to the MixZing widget which sits on top of your lock screen, so to speak. Hopefully this will get tweaked before the final version rolls out.

That said we’re really impressed with PowerAMP so far. The full version of is due to hit the Android Market soon – we’ll give it a full write up as and when it lands.


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