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PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker now available

The full version of the PowerAMP music player app for Android we saw last week has turned up in the Market. This is one of the best music players for Android we’ve seen since MixZing, so yeah, we’re excited about this.

PowerAMP has got a fresh design with a range of skins, an equaliser with a range of customisable presets and plays pretty much ever audio file format under the sun.

There’s also a lock screen widget (pictured) which allows you to pause and skip tracks as well as skip between artists. This means you can skip through albums and playlists without having to unlock your phone and go into the app itself. A lifesaver.

This is an unlocker for the trial version and not a standalone app, so you’ll need to have had that installed first. If you’ve not got the trial version installed simply click on the links below from your Android phone’s browser.

The PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker is priced at $4.99 which in the Android Market works out at £3.10.


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