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Meet the solar-powered Lumia 1525 and infinite focus 1820

Nokia is ready to unveil a phablet and a smartphone that both rock 2K resolution displays, along with funky features such as solar charging, if the latest internet rumours are to be believed. 

A source on Twitter revealed that the upcoming Nokia Lumia 1820 will be a 5.2-inch Windows smartphone packed with a mighty 3GB of RAM and a super-charged quad-core Qualcomm SnapDragon 805 processor.

Nokia Lumia 1820 and 1525 leaked

These impressive specs should certainly be enough to power both the 2048×1080-pixel touchscreen and the high-end ‘Lytro’ camera with accompanying Xenon flash. Lytro cameras allow the user to change the point of focus after the photo has been taken, a handy tool indeed for rescuing those irritating blurry shots. Nokia holds a stake in Pelican Imaging, which makes Lytro-like effects possible on smartphones, so there’s a good base to these rumours.

The Lumia 1820 will also reportedly have 32GB of internal storage and be similar in design to the Lumia 928 (pictured above). A 3400mAh battery matches the Lumia 1520, so we’re hoping for all-day battery life again.

Details of the Lumia 1820 phone were leaked via a tweet by @NextLeaks, which also claims that the phone is set to launch in March 2013. Perhaps we’ll see it at MWC next month, and then in stores come March.

Nokia is also set to launch a solar-powered Lumia 1525 tablet, according to the same Twitter account. The solar charging element is unlikely to be much use in the UK, of course, but could come in handy on overseas jaunts where the sun is actually visible. The Lumia 1525 will be a 6-inch phablet, also powered by a Qualcomm SnapDragon 805 CPU and 3GB of RAM, but with a 20-megapixel to 30-megapixel camera and expandable microSD storage. The Lumia 1525 will launch in September, if the rumours are on the money. 



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