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Powermat 1X bundle: Charge your old iPhone wirelessly and discreetly

We really like the idea of wireless charging, but are always put off by how we have to replace our wires with big, bulky charging plates. This could all be about to change, thanks to Powermat and its new iPhone bundle.

Made for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, the slim, sleek and discreet Powermat 1X charging matt can sit hidden in plain sight on your bedside table or desk. Unfortunately you do still need the iPhone receiver case for wireless charging to work; but the good news is that this comes bundled with the charging matt and once it’s on, you can just chuck your handset onto the matt and it’ll charge its little heart out.

The Powermat 1X bundle will be available exclusively at Carphone Warehouse from August 5th, at the reasonable price of £40.

Powermat has confirmed that it is busy beavering away on an iPhone 4 version, but there’s no date confirmed at present. No doubt there’s a crack team working ‘round the clock on it though.



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