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PowerUp 3.0 is a smartphone-powered paper plane

We here at the beating heart (and larger pulmonary system) of smartphones that is Recombu love mobile innovation — however pointless. That’s why why we almost creamed ourselves at the sight of the PowerUp 3.0 — a smartphone-controlled paper plane. Finally! Wait, what?

PowerUp 3.0: More comfortable than Ryanair

The PowerUp started life as an electrically-powered paper plane — a dumb bit of origami with an electric motor strapped to it. Its inventor, a toy-mad Inventor called Goetein, then developed the idea further to create an electric paper plane that could also be controlled remotely via a smartphone. The end result is PowerUp 3.0, a marriage of a Smart Module ‘cock-pit’ that talks to your phone, and a mini-motor/propeller/rudder unit that powers and guides your hand-folded flyer.

Hook the PowerUp 3.0 up to the iOS or Android companion app, chuck the thing, and watch it fly. 

Once airborne the app gives the terra firma-planted pilot the ability to increase or decrease thrust and ascend or descend as wished, all while keeping a keen eye on the on-screen artificial horizon, magnetic compass, range and charge indicator. In short: aviation awesomeness.

Seeking to raise US $50,000 to fund the next high-flying step in the development of his sky scorcher via Kickstarter, Goitein’s goal was reached within just 24-hours, going stratospheric and hitting $411,168 at the time of writing with 52 days to go. So if you want early in on all the aero-action go pledge some folding money and reach for the skies!

Be a papery pilot in no time with PowerUp 3.0



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