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Poynt lets you to find cheap petrol in your area

In these tough economic times, more and more people are having to find ways of saving money, and one area where they can be hit hardest is petrol prices. Even then, prices seem to vary considerably between local petrol stations, so how do you go about finding the cheapest fuel?

Enter Poynt, who have updated their app to allow users to search fo the cheapest petrol prices in their area. They’ve partnered with, which is the UK’s most popular fuel price sharing community. By plugging in the data from Whatgas, the app allows you to search your local stations for the best prices, potentially saving you a fair bit of money on your regular fill up.

If you discover that the prices when you get to the station don’t match what you see on the app, you’ll be able to update them yourself so that other users can benefit too. Even when you’re not looking for cheap fuel, you can also use Poynt to search for a variety of businesses and services in the area, such as restaurants, events, cinemas, and more.

Poynt is available for iOS, Windows Phone, Nokia, and Blackberry on their respective app stores for free.


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