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PQI Air Drive: 8mm thick Wi-Fi hard drive, connects up to 5 iOS and Android devices (photos)

Power Quotient International (PQI) isn’t a company that we’ve heard a great deal about before. But its sleek and shiny 8mm-thin Air Drive caught our eye at CES so we went over to the stand to say hello.

The Air Drive is a Wi-Fi drive that allows you to share files between up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices, including iOS and Android devices.

Wi-Fi drives aren’t a new idea; we’ve previously seen Novatel Wireless’ 2352 and more recently, Kingston’s Wi-Drive for the Amazon Kindle Fire.

But PQI’s Air Drive has undeniable Do Want factor. Coming in a brushed metal case with a pop-out USB connection, it looks more like a fancy cigarette case or business card holder than a portable drive. As well as letting you transfer files from a PC or laptop, the USB connection charges the Air Drive’s battery, which gives you 4 hours of juice.

Transferring music, pictures, video and other files from the Air Drive to your phone looks to be a doddle too; PQI’s S+ Flash iOS and Android apps are free to download and allow to easy transfer from the Air Drive once you’re connected to it via Wi-Fi.

Once we’ve got pricing and availability information to hand we’ll let you know where to get an Air Drive and how much one will set you back.


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