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PrankBooth iPhone app plays a practical joke on your friends

Thanks to the viral success of FatBooth, there are now a million-and-one apps ending in ‘Booth’ for iPhone, with varyingly fun degrees of photo manipulation. However, PrankBooth does something different, using the trend for practical jokes.

You fire it up, and choose which ‘fake’ app you want it to be: PhotoBoothHD or Optical Illusion. Then you choose a prank – a zombie or a monkey – and hand your iPhone over to a friend.

A few seconds later, said zombie or monkey will pop up on the screen to (in theory) shock the living daylights out of them. And all the while, they’re being recorded using the front-facing camera, so you can both chortle over the photos and video footage afterwards.

You will chortle, right? Well, plenty of people will think this is pretty lame as far as mobile entertainment goes, but others will insist on pranking all and sundry until they don’t have any friends left. Which are you? Naturally, the front-facing camera element means you’ll need an iPhone 4 or the latest iPod touch.


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