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Pre-order your Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Phones 4U via Facebook

Earlier today, Samsung UK has posted a pre-order page for the Galaxy Nexus on its Facebook page. Those of you who’ve ‘liked’ the Samsung page on Facebook before will be able to put down their details for the Galaxy Nexus to be notified when the next-gen Android phone arrives on Phones 4U.

This is more of a register-you-interest kind of page than a full-blown pre-order page, so no credit card details are needed; just your name and email address.

Chances are if you’ve already pre-ordered yours then this page won’t be of much interest to you. But it’s interesting to see a manufacturers creatively using Facebook to drum up interest.

Who knows, one day networks, resellers and handset makers could be offering exclusive contracts and deals through Facebook pages. ‘Like this, and get a free iPhone 7S on a discounted 24 month contract…’ Hmm, maybe not.

Prices for the Galaxy Nexus so far include free on a £46 a month deal on Phones 4U and free from £35 a month via Carphone Warehouse.

Unlocked and pay-as-you-go prices for the Galaxy Nexus are reportedly in the £550 to £530 (plus a £10 top up) region.

Source: Samsung UK Facebook