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Pre-release version of Facebook Home leaked

Eager to try Facebook Home ahead of its official launch? You can download the replacement launcher right now thanks to a leaked beta version of the app. The app has apparently been pulled off of a pre-release version of the HTC First, and as a result, not everything is working quite the way it should. Still, it should serve as a nice preview of what to expect.

There are a couple of issues to be wary of if you’re going to try and install the app too. First of all, any existing Facebook app on your phone will have to be uninstalled before Facebook Home can be tested. If you’re on a Nexus device, or have a handset that doesn’t come with the Facebook app installed by default, then you shouldn’t have any trouble here. Second, the app only supports resolutions up to 1280×768, so if you own a 1080p handset – like the Sony Xperia Z or HTC One – then you’re out of luck.

If you still want to try installing the app, then you’ll need to grab the three relevant APKs at MoDaCo. The first is an updated version of the core Facebook app, the second is the new Messenger app, and the third is the Home launcher itself. The beta looks to be working for the most part, but some functionality seems to be absent. Most notably, the much touted Chat Heads feature doesn’t appear to be working in this leaked version.

Cold feet? Then you can always wait the extra couple of days and install the official version of Facebook Home when it launches in the Play Store on April 12th.

Update: And just like that, it’s gone. Paul O’Brien of MoDaCo has let the world know via Twitter that Facebook seems to have disabled the pre-release version of Home server side. Looks like you’ll just have to hang tight for the official release on Friday after all.

[via The Verge]


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