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How to prevent and check if someone is spying on you through your mobile

Worried that your partner might be spying on your daily habits with a secret snooper app? Here’s how to check if your iPhone or Android phone is bugged with a spy app and how to prevent a suspicious or controlling partner from recording your every move.

These days, phone software such as Mobile Spy allows us to secretly snoop on family members, simply by installing a hidden app on their mobile. We’ve even heard stories of women being hounded by ex-partners, who have full, undesired access to their movements.

Check out the terrifying ways we can spy using smartphones for more info, but here’s our guide to making sure that no one can snoop on your messages, location and other activities using your mobile.

Step one: Change all of your passwords and PINs on a regular basis

If your partner can’t access your phone, then they can’t install any dodgy software on it – so make sure you regularly change your PIN, to something they won’t be able to guess. Birthdays and anniversaries are definitely out.

Likewise, if you have a Google or Apple account, you should change the password every few weeks or as soon as you become suspicious that someone is spying. It’s possible for anyone to track your iPhone using the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature from any computer, as long as they know your password.

Step two: Check if your phone is already compromised

Software such as Certo iPhone can check if your iPhone is already infested with spyware. For a small fee you can download Certo to a Windows PC – and there’s even a Pro version to scan an unlimited number of devices for the life of the license.

Once Certo iPhone is downloaded and installed, you should backup your iPhone or other iOS device onto the same computer using iTunes, before running Certo iPhone. Your backup will be scanned for any traces of malware and spy software, and a full report generated. Hopefully you’ll see the above screen, with no reported issues.

Step three: Perform a full reset

If you’re sure that your phone has been compromised in some way, you can try a full factory reset to wipe it clean and start again. Make sure you transfer any important bits like photos to a computer, then head to your phone’s settings. From here you will find the reset option, which cleans your handset of apps and everything else.

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