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Privé Phone: When being rich isn’t enough

Ridiculously wealthy? Love gold? We’ve got the phone for you. Designed by Stuart Hughes, this outrageous phone (video below) costs £139,995, boasts 76 diamonds and is made of 22 ct gold. Only ten Privé Phones are being made and buyers get a year’s membership to Privé International – worth around £13,000.

To make sure you feel like an extra special rich person, the Prive Phone comes with a Stuart Hughes box, individually numbered from 1-10, and a personal membership card to Privé. According to Privé’s blurb, the membership card gives you access to all of Privé s luxury amenities including private jets and yachts.

Now that you’ve pre-ordered an iPad why not pre-order a Prive Phone? Email for more info – go on, that £139,995 won’t spend itself. Alternatively, you could buy 350 SIM-free HTC Desires.



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