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Pro Evolution Soccer comes to iPhone… with tilt controls

Konami has released PES 2010, the latest instalment in its Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, for iPhone and iPod touch. The game went live on the App Store today for £5.99, including an all-new control mode that uses the accelerometer to control your players.

It’s a dangerous thing, bringing PES to iPhone. The game has such a longstanding, hardcore following, that any version that feels ‘wrong’ will provoke angry protests. However, I’ve been playing the new iPhone game this morning, and can report that it feels properly Pro Evo in its pace and gameplay.

The new controls are interesting, too. You can play with a virtual analog pad at the bottom right and two virtual buttons at the bottom left, or just the analog pad through a ‘one touch’ control system that lets you tap the screen for contextual actions. But if you want the full touchscreen monty, there’s the accelerometer mode, where you tilt to move players, and tap anywhere on-screen to carry out actions (e.g. a short tap for pass, longer for shoot).

Konami has been getting to grips with mobile for years with a succession of PES games for non-smartphones, and that practice shows through in the iPhone game. Alas, there’s one bit of bad news: no Master League. The game does have a fully licensed UEFA Champions League, but it’s a shame we can’t hone our own squad of bifters for glory too.


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