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Aras fly as Google unveils its modular mobile

Shooting past the opposition in a bid to be first to bring the world the most flexible phone ever, Google has unveiled Project Ara; a modular mobile set to send Android rivals all aquiver.

Whilst paying to cobble together your own smartphone may seem a bit much to the less adventurous, more hands-off of smartphone owners, for those that like to get involved individualising and relish the opportunity to upgrade their phone without actually having to upgrade the whole thing, what Project Ara offers borders on the brilliant.

Google's snap-together smartphone

Essentially an endoskeleton onto which everything is interchangeable, once you’ve bought the basic body, it’s a world of Woolworth’s pick ’n’ mix as to what you can make your Ara able to do, thanks to slot and play components. Want to beef up the screen to 1080p? Pop out the old, slip in the new. Fancy a faster processor with greater core capacity? Just slot it in. Need a better battery? Well… you get the idea.

Swap to suit

Free from any restrictions, literally anything can be altered to better suit your smartphone needs and, indeed, financial reach, including cameras, keyboard, LTE chip and speakers, and the modular system keeps the Ara pleasantly proofed against future smartphone features and functions that otherwise would only be accessible by buying an all new model.

With 4 and 5-inch size options slated to eventually become available, a prototype soon to hit the hands of developers, and talk of a basic body with battery costing just US $15 and an option coming complete with a display, battery, lower-end processor and support for WiFi being wheeled out for an equally impressive US £50, thanks to the Ara it seems that Google is all set to add a fresh snap-together smartphone string to its bow. Here endeth the poor archery puns.

Take your pick of the parts...



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