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Project JAL: The first of many Orange Androids

Orange is apparently preparing to unleash a budget Android in the coming months, if information sent to TechRadar is correct.

Codenamed Project JAL, the handset which will run on Android 2.1/Eclair, will feature a 3.5-inch OLED touchscreen and a 3-megapixel camera and is rumoured to be in the £100-£150 price range. TechRadar’s source suggests that Project JAL will be Orange’s equivalent of T-Mobile’s Pulse Mini and Vodafone’s 845, which doesn’t surprise us at all.

Orange has said that it “will be unveiling Android models in our own device range in the coming months, and will announce further details nearer the time.” Note the plural – back in April we first heard about the Orange Boston – an Orange-branded Android phone that was only available in Spain. At the time Orange said that other “Android models in our own device range” would be coming to the UK, suggesting that the Project JAL phone will be the first of many.


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