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Project Mobile Wallpaper: Chris Beaumont

Every month we profile a budding artist, designer or photographer and publish some of their best pics on the site so that people can download them as wallpapers for their touchscreen phones. We’re focussing on touchscreen phones to begin with because they tend to offer the largest screens. Last month it was Steve King and this month it’s Chris Beaumont.

If you would like to get involved email us at wallpapers[at] and send us an example of your work. Please make sure you own all the rights to your images and that you are happy for us to share them on the site for free.

Name: Chris Beaumont

Profession: Video producer, photographer, all around multi-media geek

Style: Increasingly middle aged

Phone: T-Mobile G1

Loves: Photography, hill walking, HBO, sports, video games, my cat Bobbins, and my girlfriend Natasha

Hates: Plucking nose hair out

In 10 years time I’ll be: 40. A fact I’ve only just comprehended due to answering this question. Now I am sad.


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