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PS Vita dominates the Tokyo Game Show

While gamers outside of Japan won’t be getting their hands on the PlayStation Vita until next year (the Japanese model comes out December 17th), Sony’s upcoming handheld was the big draw at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, with curious gamers queuing for over an hour for a go on one of 70 Vitas Sony brought to the event.

Reactions looked favourable, with Sony showing off new titles including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipEout 2048, Dynasty Warriors and F1 2011 to an eager crowd. Also on show were some more casual offerings (including the now ubiquitous Super Monkey Ball), with Sony reiterating that the Vita would cater not just to the hardcore, but also gaming’s casual market.

However, just because casual gamers find the Vita fun to play with doesn’t mean that they’ll be in line to fork over the £230 asking price when the Vita launches next year. With proper mobile and tablet gaming now a reality and games developers already branding the Vita a “car wreck”, the launch catalogue for the Vita will have to be really special to justify that price tag. Here’s hoping Sony aren’t headed for a 3DS-style price crash with their new handheld.