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Puppy Buying Guide launches on Android Market

If you are thinking about buying a puppy for your child this Christmas, to make sure you are ready for a dog, before you visit a dog breeder or kennel, this useful app is really worth a download first.

Created by the Kennel Club, Puppy Buying Guide is packed with useful information, designed to help you through the entire buying process in four stages: Before buying, Buying, Taking your puppy home and The first few weeks.

Christmas is a traditionally a time when puppy’s are bought, before many are sadly dumped later. The apps encourages you to think about whether you really need a do. ‘Before Buying’ poses questions related to dog ownership, such as: Will I have time to train, groom and care for a dog? Can I exercise a dog every day?  Answer ‘no’ and it advises you to: ‘think again before buying a dog,’

Much of the other information will be common knowledge to existing dog owners,  but this will be very useful to anyone unfamiliar with dog ownership. In particular, the checklist on Buying a puppy includes references to a Contract of Sale.

On occasion the app seems a little too rudimentary: ‘Finding the right breed’ surprisingly doesn’t offer any information on different types of dog. It would have been useful to have examples of dogs to suit different types of households.

Puppy Buying Guide is a very basic app, there’s no videos or cute photos of dogs, to detract you for the guidance, it just prevents a lot of information in straightforward way that anyone will be able to understand. It also works flawlessly too.

Yes, we’d like it to be a little more in-depth, but it’s an essential download for anyone considering extending their family with a canine member this Christmas.


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