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Qilroy was here! Where? On the App Store.

The latest nifty location-based app to be released for iPhone is Qilroy Mobile, which is the work of mobile tech giant Qualcomm.

It’s useful for tourists and budding romeos alike, judging from the description:¬†“Qilroy allows you to discover people around you or any interesting place in the world and then chat them up using your phone or computer.”

What that means is that you type in a location – it also detects where you are using GPS – and can see what people are saying about it using Qilroy, but also on Twitter and Facebook – not to mention aggregating check-ins from Foursquare and Gowalla.

Then you can reply to them, which is presumably where the chatting up comes in. Although we can see some people freaking out at the idea of being accosted by a fellow mobile user who not only knows where they are, but is probably there too. Welcome to the social location world.

“Qilroy is all about allowing you to explore the world and then connect with people at a place,”¬†explains its blurb, more benignly, suggesting that you could pose questions to people in a location that you’re visiting.


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