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Qualcomm shows off impressive 5.1-inch 2560×1440 Mirasol display

This year has seen the rise of 1080p displays on our smartphones, yet screen manufacturers are constantly pushing ahead for the next big thing. Qualcomm is one such manufacturer, having invested and worked on Mirasol display technology for some time. The company has decided to remind everyone of that very fact by showing off a pretty cool implementation of the tech at SID Display Week: a 5.1-inch display with a 2560×1440 resolution.

Engadget spent some time with the prototype, saying that the screen carries an impressive 577 pixels per inch, but the resolution isn’t even the best part. Mirasol is designed for low-power consumption while also delivering images that can be viewed in harsh lightning conditions without any issues. Anyone who’s taken a smartphone outside in bright sunlight knows how awkward it can be trying to actually use the device. Mirasol aims to solve exactly that problem.

Qualcomm claims that the technology has huge power benefits over LCD and OLED too, saying that the display is six times as efficient. But Mirasol does have its own drawbacks: images won’t be anywhere near as vibrant or colourful as what you’ll find on LCD or OLED displays.

You also won’t be seeing this display used in a smartphone any time soon. Qualcomm says that the technology is still in the research and development phase, even if the company does have some working prototypes and mockups right now. It’ll likely be a few more years before we see this hitting production lines in any meaningful way, let alone seeing it in a usable smartphone.


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