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Qualcomm brings augmented reality Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots to Android

Two Androids duke it out to the death while a pair of grown men old enough to know better cheer them on. This isn’t some sick new bloodsport like monkey knife fights or East End weasel-baiting, but a proof of concept video from Qualcomm, the company responsible for the processor chips inside many a slick smartphone.

Qualcomm wants to take augmented reality on phones to the next level and has created a version of the classic Mattel game Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots to demonstrate the potential of its new SDK.

The game uses the cameras of a Nexus and an HTC Evo 4G to render a boxing ring and the robots inside a printed-out arena. We like the idea of being able to print out a game board and start playing straight away. Pocket-lint mentions that the game works just as well on an A4 print out. Conceivably, you could have multiple players battling it out inside a big A2-sized arena – augmented reality Mario Kart Battle Mode anyone?

The software is currently only compatible with Android devices, but Qualcomm hopes to make it available for those who want to develop for other mobile platforms too.

In fact, cross-platform gaming is something Qualcomm is keen to push. In a separate video (narrated, it would seem, by a Loyd Grossman impersonator) we see three friends playing a game on a Nexus One, a Nokia N900 and a Dell Latitude laptop over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The game (King of the Sea) is admittedly not as impressive as Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em, but it still emphasises the potential of cross-platform gaming.

If Qualcomm can get developers interested in this, then maybe our board game dreams will come true. 


Source: Engadget via Pocket-lint


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