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Qualcomm reveals zero lag phone camera, and sonic screwdriver-esque wireless pen

Asian Computer expo, Computex continues to wow, this time from chip giant Qualcomm’s display, with several very cool developmental features unveiled for handsets in the future.

The first is a new camera technology, zero shutter lag, that actually takes multiple shots, previous to, during and after pressing the camera trigger.

It’s thanks to the increasingly powerful processors found in recent smartphone offerings that allows this new functionality.

Developed by Scalado the phone then processes the five images, and you’re able to select several images to fuse together. This should put an end to shut-eyed friends in group photos.

The second device is, spotted by Engadget back in February, uses ultrasonic sounds to communicate with phones that have 3 microphones. The pen can then be triangulated, and its movements interpreted onto the phone.

This means, like existing handwriting ‘pen-scanners’ that connect to PCs, the pen can send handwritten notes straight to the phone.

We’d love to compare this ultrasonic pen to recent stylus offerings on tablets. How will it compare to the HTC Stylus or the iPad’s Wacom Stylus?

Source: Engadget


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