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Qualcomm simplifies Snapdragon chip range

Chipset-king Qualcomm has announced it is re-branding its Snapdragon chip range in a bid to make it easier to understand for consumers.

In a total overhaul, the range now on consists of three classes of mobile chipsets; each designed to suit a different type of tablet and smartphone user.

The Snapdragon S1 is for entry-level handsets and tablets, such as the HTC Tattoo; Snapdragon S2 is for mid-level smartphones and tablets like the HTC Desire HD and finally the new Snapdragon S3 is for high-end phones and tablets

Qualcomm has included a useful diagram showing the features you can expect from each chipset.


New to the range is and the most up-to-date class of processor – the Snapdragon S3 – includes the MSM8660, MSM8260 and AOQ8060 chips and is currently being used in the HTC Evo 3G and HTC Sensation.


We think this is wise move for Qualcomm, with so many chipsets it can be really confusing from a consumer point of view. Now, the user can pick the class they want based on features they need.

Source: Qualcomm


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