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Qualcomm snubs mobile for TVs and cars

We were hoping for some hot new mobile processor announcements from Qualcomm at CES 2014, but instead the company is branching out into TVs and cars with its latest Snapdragons.

Qualcomm launches new Snapdragon processors for TVs and cars

The Snapdragon 802 chip is an all-in-one Ultra HD solution for smart TVs and set-top boxes, delivering high performance with a power-efficient design. Qualcomm has bigged up the system-on-a-chip’s (SoC) multitasking abilities, claiming the Snapdragon 802 can handle online gaming and video conferencing simultaneously, and even play back four HD videos on the same telly. Just imagine being able to watch four Vince Vaughan ‘comedies’ at the same time. Heaven.

Qualcomm also announced its new SnapDragon 602A chipset for your trusty vehicle, allowing you to hook up a boss infotainment system. The SnapDragon 602A will support rear-seat 3D gaming and multiple HD screens, so your passengers can enjoy those Vince Vaughan flicks away from home too, and can also handle 3D navigation and voice/gesture recognition.

So nothing new on the mobile front, although Qualcomm has tried its best to assure us that it’s leading the mainstream 64-bit revolution. We’re not entirely sure how that conclusion was reached, given that Apple’s 64-bit iPhone 5S came out last year and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 chip isn’t due out until much later this year. Still, we’re looking forward to seeing how the Snapdragon 410 stacks up against Apple’s 64-bit effort when it finally emerges.



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