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Qubical iPhone app turns Facebook into a 3D cube

Boring old 2D, eh? Who wants to navigate Facebook on their phone fast and efficiently using a traditional interface, when you could be tapping and rotating 3D cubes? Oh.

Okay, that’s a bit harsh on Qubical, a new iPhone app that wraps a cubey spatial interface around Facebook. The technology is doubtless impressive. It’s just that when it comes to making sense of our friends and news feed, 2D seems to work pretty well thanks.

Even so, Aleryon’s universal iOS app is interesting. It plots your friends and their Facebook photos on interactive 3D cubes, dragging and pinching to rotate and zoom, while tapping on photo thumbnails to view the content and walls. It uses the Facebook Connect technology to pull in data from your social graph.

Still not sure you want to shell out £1.19 on it? Watch this video demo and see what you think:


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