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Quipper launches iPhone app, challenge friends to your created quizzes, Android and Facebook versions coming soon

You may or may not have heard of Quipper; a desktop-based platform that allows you to quickly create quizzes, games and guides and have them be turned into iPhone, Android and Facebook apps.

It’s a pretty simple process; once you’ve created your account you go about creating your quiz, entering your questions, text and images into the relevant fields. Once you’ve got everything in place, simply hit submit and the Quipper team will do the rest.

It’s fairly straightforwards, allowing you to draw from a number of templates and upload – it reminded us of the Android App Inventor and making websites on good old Geocities back in the day.

Turnaround for completed quizzes is pretty quick – Android and Facebook quizzes are normally live the next day, with iPhone apps normally appearing within 24 hours of being approved.

We had a go at quickly putting together Recombu’s Amazing Mobile Phone Quiz (check the screenshots below), coming to a Quipper app near you soon…

One stop Quipper shop

As well as allowing you to make your own apps on your desktop, Quipper has launched its own iPhone app.

This aggregates all Quipper quizzes published for iPhone, and also allows you play through a quiz and then challenge other players, competing for ‘shells’, the Quipper in-game currency.

You can invite friends to take part by connecting to Facebook, or you can take up random strangers offers to try and beat their scores.

We played against Quipper CEO Masayuki Watanabe in a philosophy quiz and we lost, miserably. We guess you really Kant always get what you want.

We like the idea of competing for shells against friends though we’re not sure exactly what the purpose of this is. Maybe in the future you’ll be able to use shells to buy in-game enhancements (extra time to answer questions? Who Wants To Be A Millionaire-style take two wrong answers away?)

It’s in early stages yet, but we think that the platform has the potential for growth. We’d like to see badges; you could get a Historian badge if you were particularly adept at history quizzes, a Celeb Stalker achievement for correctly answering Lady Gaga questions or the Textbook badge for getting 100% on everything.

Not just a quiz master

Quipper isn’t just a tool for creating Facebook questionnaires. One of the featured apps over on the Quipper blog is Hannah Lanfear’s Mixology app; a cocktail guide designed and created by one of London’s top bartenders.

This is available to download from the Android Market now, and follows the format of a quick reference cocktail recipe book.

So there’s plenty of potential for Quipper to be used for other things besides quizzes – we can see how-to guides and cooking books being made on Quipper. This could be a great companion for a food blogger – a great way to publish all of your recipes for followers to access on their phones.

How do I gets paid?

If you want to get paid for any apps you make, note that Quipper takes a 50 of what’s left after Apple and Google take their 30 per cent cut.

So if you sold your app for £1, you’d make £0.35 back – minus £0.30 from Apple/Google = £0.70 minus Quipper’s 50 per cent = £0.35.

Note that Quipper doesn’t charge you at any stage of the app making process – you can continue to make apps for free if you like.

There’s a couple of paid Android apps made using Quipper on the Android Market right now, along with a handful of other ones. Quipper says that it makes its money from paid apps, so, as with Spotify, there’ll need to be a certain ratio of paying developers in order to support the freemium users.

We love how easy it is to put something together on Quipper and are looking forwards to seeing how it grows over the next few months.


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