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App Friday: 3D racing games

If you’ve got a passion for speed, you’ll appreciate the selection of racing games we’ve picked out for both iOS and Android this week. From our selection you’ll step into the driving seat of a high quality driving simulator, become part of a high octane arcade racer and drift around in some technical, fun off-road racing.

Real Racing 2 HD

In pole position we have Real Racing 2 HD. An established racing series that has pushed the envelope with regards to its realism and visual prowess since the first title arrived on the App Store back in 2009.

Firemint’s follow up title is available in HD for a true tablet-optimised racing experience with an expansive 10 hour career-mode, quick race mode and time trial mode as well as a roster of 30 licensed cars to purchase and upgrade as you progress through each event set across the game’s 15 tracks.

Real Racing 2 HD screenshot

The feel of driving is particularly immersive thanks to its simple accelerometer based controls and stripped down race UI. Think of it as more Gran Turismo than Need for Speed in its feel. Meanwhile, if you just want to sit back and marvel at the beauty and detail of the game, you can simply zoom and strafe around your vehicle right from the menu screen or any of the other cars from the car market, with badges such as the McLaren MP4-12C at your disposal.

The sequel is set to arrive in the coming months, but in the meantime you can pick this title up for £4.99 on the App Store or £3.56 on Google Play.

Asphalt 7: Heat

Gameloft turn up the temperature with Asphalt 7: Heat, slightly more arcade than the simulator stylings of our last title but delivering action and fun in spades nonetheless, this latest game is the perfect companion for the adrenaline junky mobile gamer.

Asphalt 7 builds on the intense driving experience we’ve come to know and love from its predecessors with uprated graphics, 15 tracks set in major cities around the world and an expansive lineup of 60 cars for you to race with and against as you compete in standard competition, elimination rounds, king of the hill matches, drifting circuits and beat em up matches, Burnout style.

Asphalt 7: Heat screenshot

What’s more, races are littered with boosters and nitrous to help create an even more intense sense of speed. And for those who like to tinker, there’s a wealth of upgrades and custom paint jobs to choose from to give you the edge on that final lap too.

Pick it up now for just 69 pence from either the App Store or Google Play.

Reckless Racing HD

Skid and drift through Reckless Racing HD’s tracks if you want a driving game that’s quirky and characterful. This dirt track racer has a charm and feel all its own with a choice of six drivers, such as Cleatus or Bubba, each with their own unique vehicles and characteristics.

Reckless Racing HD screenshot

The aim is to progress from bronze to gold across the game’s 10 tracks in either a rally, hot lap or delivery event. Better still, you can skid around corners, pull off jumps, smash through destructible terrain and leave your rivals upturned at the roadside.

The game’s simple, customisable controls, mixed with the fast paced racing and southern American nuances will bring you back for pick up and play fun time after time.

Get it now on iOS for £2.99 or Google Play for £1.27. 


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