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Rage Gaming: Double-hard mobile games like Flappy Bird

Missed out on the Flappy Bird craze? Don’t worry, just get really angry, with these super-tough alternatives…

Flappy Bird may be well and truly plucked, but you don’t need to sit around twiddling your thumbs: we scoured the Google Play store and Apple’s App Store for the toughest, most addictive, just-one-more-game-before-my-head-implodes mobile games to take its place.

We almost hurled ourselves in front of a bus when playing these iPhone and Android games, which were tougher than the lovespawn of Incredible Hulk and Chuck Norris, but for some reason we just couldn’t stop. We had to beat just ONE MORE LEVEL of League of Evil, or survive a couple more seconds on bloody Super Hexagon.

Check out our ragey rant in the video above, and let us know of any other difficult, impossible, or downright evil mobile games we may have missed in the comments below.


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