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Rain firey wrath down on your Sims with SimCity Deluxe

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming Mayor of a city and guiding your people through natural disasters that The Day After Tomorrow can only dream of, then SimCity Deluxe is for you.

In fact, you could even find yourself fending off a random meteor strike, between dodging snow drifts and heatwaves. Prepare to have your subjects call you names in between messages that about catnip shortages and other essential news bulletins.

Improved graphics engine for 360-degree viewing of your city, as well as seasonal effects like falling snow and generally being a fair amount speedier than previous iPhone iterations like Sims 3.

The new format is really smooth, and you can zoom right in and out to see how well your city is coming together with ease. And, of course, it looks super awesome on that lovely Retina Display screen on the iPhone 4.



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