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Raumfeld One S Review

The Good

  • Sexy design
  • Simple app control
  • Water resistant
  • Multi-room

The Bad

  • No digital display
  • App dependency

We review the Raumfeld One S, a seriously slick and durable multi-purpose music machine for your bathroom or kitchen.

Raumfeld is hoping to fill your entire house with its comprehensive range of multi-room music streaming devices, and now that we’ve seen/heard them in action, we’re completely sold. They’re probably a little out of our price range, and we definitely don’t have the kind of pad to do them justice, but if we were suitably loaded we’d be all over these puppies, rocking out in every room.

These premium speakers pump out incredible sound and can stream either DAB radio stations or your very own music over your home Wi-Fi network. Raumfeld’s One S is the bathroom/kitchen model, toughened just enough to make it resistant to water splashes without ruining the consistent, premium aesthetics that dominate the range.

The One S sports an almost-cube build with a mesh front and black or white frame. The design is stunning and also plays well with pretty much any decor. A silicon control panel on top can be used to switch between four pre-set DAB radio stations or change volume, while the two dinky lights on the front show when the speaker is turned on and connected to Wi-Fi.

Sadly there’s no display window showing information such as which track is playing, but you can garner that information through your phone or tablet by loading up the Raumfeld app. This is also used to set up and control the One S, switching between TuneIn stations or loading up a playlist to bop to in the shower. The One S’ dependence on the app may be a serious drawback for some, and without it your only control is swapping between your four favourite radio stations using those rubbery buttons up top.

Still, the app itself (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) is simple to use and pleasingly intuitive, even if you have multiple speakers set up around your home. You select your chosen speaker with a tap of the bottom bar and then a basic menu allows you to choose a TuneIn station (organised by categories), load up Spotify or stream your own music. You can also connect your phone or another device direct via Line-in, if your Wi-Fi’s on the fritz.

Raumfeld’s speakers aren’t cheap and you’ll need to use the app to get the most from them, but the powerful sound, sleek design and user-friendly app make it a worthy purchase, while the One S’ water resistance means you can use it in a steamy bathroom without stress.


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