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Ravensburger augmented reality 1000 piece puzzle hands-on

We headed over to Appletics near the O2 in Greenwich, London to see some of the latest app-based products coming from startups and major retailers. Ravensburger impressed us with their 1000-piece puzzles, which when completed, act as part of an augmented reality experience that’s different from puzzle to puzzle.

Long standing German toy maker Ravensburger have been creating products for decades but only now have they decided to take a step into the world of augmented reality. Using an iOS app which works in conjunction with any devices, starting with the iPhone 3GS or iPad 2 and newer, users can access a unique augmented reality experience when interacting with a completed version of any of the company’s four compatible puzzles.

As demoed here, the ‘Colourful Underwater Kingdom’ puzzle becomes a ‘Where’s Wally’ style image search game where virtual fish appear on-screen with the user having to then find them hidden in the puzzle. The daytime view seen in ‘Over the Rooftops of Paris’ becomes a 360-degree gyroscope based nighttime tour of the city skyline, taken from the top of the Eiffel Tower, which allows the user to look around and find out information regarding key POIs throughout the city. The mountain view of ‘Lofoten, Norway’ allows the user the ability to change the sunshine laden scene to a cold winter landscape by making it snow. The final puzzle, named ‘Animals of Africa’ gives users exclusive access to a video library of each of the animals in the completed puzzle as they scan each one. The application of the technology here is simple, enjoyable and fun and as such provides all ages with a modern experience from a classic product.

The Ravensburger Puzzles are available for around £19.99 and the iOS app is available on the App Store now, for free.


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