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Read Wikipedia like a magazine with Discover for iPad

We all know that volunteer-edited Wikipedia isn’t always the most reliable of factual resources, but it’s still incredibly useful and, quite often, a darn good read.

Discover Wikipedia, an app for iOS devices, makes it into more than just a handy website you visit when you need to know exactly what the deal is with the latest meme or whatever happened to that kid from The Shining (science teacher).

By giving each article its own magazine-style layout, Discover makes the unwieldy Wikipedia into a dip in-and-outable pleasure to read. Every day sees a different article featured on the ‘cover’, while your recently viewed articles are accessed by a quick swipe down, or you can search for whatever you want via an upwards swipe.

With related articles displayed in a side bar, information is spread over several pages so it’s easily digestable and something we could imagine reading in a Starbucks with all the other iPad-toting hipsters.

Now, please excuse me; I’m off to read up on every famous person I’ve ever fancied.


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