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Real iPhone 6 mockup looks pretty snazzy

Apple’s iPhone 6 is recreated according to the (allegedly) real iPhone 6 schematics, and it looks just how we expected from the rumours so far…

We’ve heard all kinds of crazy rumours about the new Apple iPhone 6, but most of them seem to agree that the new handset will be bigger and curvier – and if this latest mockup is on the money, they’re all correct. The iPhone 6 in the photo below has been mocked up from the official machine schematics apparently, which were leaked by ‘sources in the supply chain’. 

Apple iPhone 6 photo based on real schematics appears online

This iPhone 6 is a 4.7-inch mobile, the most common size quoted by leakers, with a slim 6mm design and curved edges. The power button is now found on the side, along with the volume buttons.

Apple iPhone 6 real pics

We really like the look of this mockup, which puts the iPhone 6 more in line with the current range of Android phones. We’re sure there’ll be plenty of Apple fans who aren’t convinced by the radical change (if it isn’t all bull poo of course), but we’re personally looking forward to seeing something new from the iPhone, after many similar-looking iterations.

What do you think? Would you love to see this design realised, or is it too much change? Let us know in the comments below and check out our full Apple iPhone 6 rumours round-up.



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