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Real London Tube app solves mystery of where tube lines actually go

Oftentimes when pootling around the London Underground I’ve idly wondered where the tube lines actually go – why, for instance, does it take such a long time to get from Leicester Square to Piccadilly Circus when you can walk it in under five minutes?

The Real London Tube app solves all these mysteries and more. By overlaying the London underground lines on Google Maps, you can see (roughly) where the train lines go under the city, as well as establishing where your nearest relevant tube station is using GPS.

This will certainly come in handy for tourists who hop on the tube at Green Park simply to change lines at Piccadilly Circus, for instance – it’s much nicer to stroll up the road if it’s not raining.

Well worth a go for just 59p, although it won’t plan journeys or update you on line closures like the marvellous Tube Deluxe app, nor tell you where best to get on the train for the station exit at your destination, as Tube Exits does. When will someone come up with the über-tube app that can do all this at once? We dream of the day.



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