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Recombu Cars is coming soon

We’ve excellent news for Recombu fans. Not content with bringing you the latest mobile info, we are now branching out into the world of cars. No, don’t adjust your eyeballs, Recombu Cars will shortly be power sliding its way, backwards, through a hedge (on fire) to an Internet near you.

Recombu Cars
If you’re familiar with the mobile site, you’ll already have a rough idea of what we’ve got cooking. With Recombu Cars, you’ll be able to read about new cars, compare them spec for spec, get buying advice and even find corking money off deals on the latest new rides.

It’ll be your one stop shop for breaking news, entertaining features and in-depth reviews — but that’s not all. Because we like you, we’ll also be bringing you the finest automotive video content the Web has to offer.

So, whether you’re a die-hard petrol head that can’t visit a supermarket car park without performing an impromptu burnout, or you’re just a teeny bit baffled about whether you should buy the LX, LS or GTi version of model x or model y, Recombu Cars has you covered.

The site will be launching in two shakes of a Porsche 930’s whaletail. We’ll let you know the exact date shortly, but until then, make sure you head over to to watch our teaser video and subscribe to @RecombuCars on Twitter to stay up to date with what’s going on behind the scenes (hint: we’re prodding at dashboards, kicking tyres, burning rubber and generally testing the latest models to within an inch of their vehicular lives).


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