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Recombu’s unboxing video of the new iPad

It’s one of the hottest new gadgets on the high street and many have already got their hands on the all new iPad from Apple. We’ve also got our mitts on the device thanks to our friends at T-Mobile and we wanted to share the grand opening with you our faithful readers.

The new iPad’s killer features include the Retina Display we have enjoyed on the iPhone, although not quite as high pixel density as on the smartphone at 2,048 x 1,536. Apple’s argument is that the iPad is meant to be held around 15 inches from your eyes, in comparison to the 10 inches or so for the iPhone. On first look, the new high resolution screen is definitely a stunner making all the images and text much sharper and crisper. 

The introduction of 4G is an exciting addition for our neighbours in the US, bringing much faster connectivity, which we should be getting within the year here in the UK. It also includes quad-core graphics A5X processor, making the new iPad much faster.

Plus we have a vast improvement on the camera, bringing the iPad’s pictures to us in 5MPs. The iPad 2 sported a nominal under 1MP sensor and so this is a great quality improvement for the tablet. The front facing camera also offers another angle for your snaps and video calling. Video recording on the rear camera has been enhanced to 1080p capture and built-in image stabilisation to ensure smooth footage.

Not much has changed design-wise from the iPad 2, although is slightly thicker and heavier then its predecessor. The home button is also standing true, unlike previous rumours that it would be left out of the new iPad. Pricing remains the same for the new iPad, full details here.

Check out the unboxing video below from Recombu’s editor Hannah Bouckley and stay tuned for our full review of the new iPad shortly:


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