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Record radio live from your iPhone

If you’re an indie kid of a certain age, you’ll remember taping radio shows like the Evening Session as a teenager, timing your presses of the Record and Stop buttons well enough (or not) to cut the DJ banter. Great times. Now there’s a sort-of equivalent app for online radio stations on the iPhone.

It’s called Live Radio Recorder United Kingdom, and it costs £1.19. The idea is that you tune into more than 400 British radio stations – from obscure online-only stations to more mainstream fare like XFM – and listen to them within the app. However, you can also record up to 30 minutes at a time for offline listening.

Is it legal? Well, it’s frowned upon, in much the same way that there were campaigns claiming that ‘Home Taping is Killing Music’ all those years ago. That said, you can’t turn your recordings into MP3s to play anywhere else, so they can only be listened to in the app – no making compilation mixtapes (or whatever the iPhone equivalent is).

Still, the fact that it’s possible to record live radio shows locally onto an iPhone is interesting, and one that might be explored in other apps in the future.


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