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Red HTC One M8 incoming

As if we couldn’t love the HTC One M8’s gorgeous one-piece metallic design any more, a sultry red model has now leaked online.

The following photo of a brand new crimson HTC One M8 just leaked online, and it’s giving us some serious geek chills.

Red HTC One M8 hits Verizon and should be coming to UK soon, photos leaked online

It may not be to everyone’s tastes, but we think it’s a beautiful hue that still looks classy, and will most likely draw some serious glances when you whip it out on the bus. Aside from the paint job, it’s still the same glorious HTC One M8 we know and love – the specs haven’t changed a bit.

As you can see from the logo on the back, the red model will be hitting Verizon in the States, most likely as an exclusive for at least a couple of months – although probably indefinitely. Last year’s HTC One also appeared later with a red coating, and in the UK was exclusive to Phones 4u. Will the red HTC One M8 be another Phones 4u-only handset? We’ll let you know if we hear back definitively.

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