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RedPint iPhone app is like a Foursquare for… beer?

Soon, there will be apps to check-in every single aspect of your day. You’ll check in to locations using Foursquare, to TV shows and albums using GetGlue, and there’ll probably be apps to check-in your pants on a daily basis too. Possibly.

What about booze though? A new iPhone and iPad app called RedPint aims to ‘do a Foursquare’ for beer. You can let friends know what you’re drinking – complete with photos – and rate your pint for the benefit of real ale fans worldwide.

There are ‘special beer medals’ to earn, and the ability to virtually toast friends. Plus, it offers a database of decent pubs and bars for when you’re in a new city with a raging thirst, but no local knowledge.

“RedPint strives to put the power in your hands to find craft beer around you, understand which beers you’ll like that you’ve never tried before, introduce craft beer to your friends, and tell your favorite beer bar and store how they can get involved with RedPint,” explains the blurb, before remind you to drink responsibly.

Well, of course. (hic)


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