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Rejoice! You can finally watch Facebook videos on your iPhone

Facebook has just rolled out an update to its hugely popular iPhone app, which is now on version 3.1.3. The bad news? STILL no native version of Facebook for iPad, meaning tablet users will have to continue to make do with either a pixel-doubled version of the iPhone app, or the full Facebook website.

However, the good news about Facebook 3.1.3 for iPhone is that it now lets you watch Facebook videos. It’s been one of the big missing features from the app in previous versions, with an apologetic error message whenever you tried. Other positive tweaks include the ability to see Walls for events (and write on them), as well as bumping up the size of your uploaded photos to 720 pixels wide.

There’ll be plenty of people welcoming the news. According to Facebook’s official page for its iPhone app, there are nearly 55 million monthly active users of the application (something spotted by 9 to 5 Mac). Facebook is also looking for suggestions for future updates: judging by the comments on its post, popular additions would include the ability to block certain apps’ messages (i.e. Farmville) and the ability to play Facebook games on your iPhone (er.. Farmville).


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