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Relive your childhood with iPad TV

There’s something about the iPad which has brought the retro out in case designers – from leather book-like covers, to old arcade game machines and retro computers. This understated casing may well be our favourite of the lot. Jonas Damon’s beautifully simple iPad case takes the form of an old CRT TV – you know, from back before TVs were flat.

Made of wood, the iPad enclosure comes complete with a screensaver of television snow to complete the authentic look. All it needs now is that BBC test card with the little girl and her terrifying clown buddy playing noughts and crosses.

Trying to create an emotional connection to the iPad, Damon was inspired by his love of outdated home appliances. He said, “I’ve disguised the iPad in an old-fashioned enclosure that has nothing to do with what it is. It’s the opposite of innovation.”

Yeah. All we know is that it’d look pretty cool on our shelf.

[Sight Unseen via Ubergizmo]


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